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                             New Metal Gear Solid V Information                                     

                                           Ground Zeroes

  • Binoculars are more useful than before thanks to the marking feature, which can also be switched off through the menu.
  • Guard patrols are much wider and more unpredictable than in previous games.
  • Line of sight is ‘especially impressive’, allowing players to aim through narrow jail cell bars and the like.
  • Inventory is now accessible through the d-pad. Tapping the button once switches weapons and items quickly, while holding it opens the entire collection of weapons in that class.
  • When spotted, the on screen indicator fills with color as the enemy becomes more suspicious.
  • The second screen app lets players use their tablet or phone as a map, and can also be used to listen to audio files and view mission info, providing a tactical advantage.
  • The countdown when spotted is gone, now the player has to listen to the enemies’ radio conversations to know when the coast is clear.
  • According to Game Informer, the slow motion mechanic (Reflex Mode) will be useful even for long time fans, and ‘feels more like a nice bonus than an easy crutch’. It can only be successfully pulled off if Snake’s gun is loaded and there aren’t any obstacles in the way.
  • When interrogating a soldier in choke hold, any information he tells on ammo or secret passages will automatically be marked on the map. Snake also collects the soldier’s ammo by doing this.
  • Controlling vehicles such as jeeps and tanks ‘is a blast’.
  • Adjusting to the voice of Snake takes some time, but according to Game Informer Sutherland does a wonderful job and adds a layer of emotion, having ‘the chops to convey the soldier’s shaky grip on his dramatic life’.
  • Game Informer beat the story mission in under two hours, and Konami says testers could speed run it in 5 minutes. How long it takes to complete the story mission and explore the camp is up to the player, but the extra missions add some replay value to the game.
  • The extra daytime missions show off ‘how impressive the Fox Engine looks when fully lit’, with the PS4 version being the most beautiful.
  • Collecting the XOF patches Skull Face throws out of the helicopter will unlock the Deja / Jamais Vu missions.
  • The Deja Vu mission changes Camp Omega into a landscape reminiscent of Shadow Moses, including the music, lighting and even Miller doing impersonations over the CODEC. Beating it will unlock the polygonal Solid Snake skin.
  • In the Jamais Vu mission player control Raiden defeating Snatchers. He won’t have a sword but he is faster than Snake.
  • While consumers might feel shortchanged by this new distribution method, Konami’s reason for doing this is to ‘prolong engagement of the next iteration of the series’.
  • Game Informer concludes that with Ground Zeroes providing a ‘tantalizing taste of the beloved stealth franchise’s next evolution’, fans have ‘a lot to look forward to’.

                                   The Phantom Pain

  • When asked about Big Boss’s coma, Kojima replied: ‘There’s only once he’s in a coma, and to explain that you need to play toward the end of The Phantom Pain. There it will come together. You’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s what happened!”
  • In The Phantom Pain, Kojima want to depict that you never come back from war unscratched. His characters losing limbs is one example.
  • The Afghanistan level shows ‘incredible draw distance’.
  • Creatures are present in the landscape, such as sheep and goats, and they all look very realistic.
  • The Phantom Pain is not one big world, but rather a collection of different areas, in different parts of the world.
  • Not every area in The Phantom Pain will have many enemies, so the player won’t have the constant stress that he feels playing Ground Zeroes.
  • At the end of Ground Zeroes an underground nuclear testing facility, abandoned by South Africa in 1977 is mentioned, likely the new location of Mother Base (Outer Heaven).
  • Unlike in Ground Zeroes, in The Phantom Pain you can recruit soldiers by Fulton Recovery.
  • Bases will be more interactive than before. You can walk around your own base and do different things. In addition, you can also visit other people’s bases online.
  • As stated before, progress made in Ground Zeroes is transferred to The Phantom Pain, giving people who played the prologue a ‘clear advantage’.

Source: gameinformer

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